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What's Happening on the Farm?

Southfield comprises approximately 45 acres of land, split into 5 fields. It is a satellite for a larger farm around 10 miles to the South East and is therefore generally very quiet.


Have a look at the map below to see what's going on in the fields around the Pod at the moment.

Back, Middle, Corner and Front Fields - These fields were sown in spring barley and were harvested in late August. The barley crop will be used for Malting (whisky) and to make animal feeds. The straw that is left behind following the harvest has been collected into bales to provide animal bedding or to protect vegetable crops from damage during the winter months.


Marble's Paddock - Home to Marble & Teddy, Southfield's big white horse and pony (as well as two texel lambs). The horses are friendly chaps and may well come down to the fence, if you happen to take a walk along the farm road.


Back Field

Front Field

Marble's Paddock

Corner Field

Middle Field

The Pod

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