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It's nearly that time of year again.

This year, the cereal crop at Southfield is Spring Barley (meaning it was sown in the spring, this year).

The timing of the harvest is dependant on the weather and the speed of ripening of the crop, but will most likely be sometime towards the end of August.

It's a quite a spectacle; with the Combine Harvester cutting the crop and discharging the grain into the tractors/trailers that then have to take the crop to the main farm (~ 10 miles away) and return in time to take the next load, all without the combine having to stop.

Later, it's the turn of the baler to collect the neat rows of straw left by the combine and turn them into bales of straw (square or round) that can be stored until required for creating winter beds for livestock or keeping vegetable crops from getting frost damage.

The Pod at Southfield is a fantastic place to see this process in action.

Since we opened for stays we've been amazed by the number of bookings we've received in such a short time and we are almost fully booked for the next month. However, there are still some nights available at the end of August which would come with the chance (although no promises unfortunately) of seeing the harvest in action.

To book, either visit our booking page or alternatively you can book via airBnB.

We've decided to extend our 20% introductory offer, which can be applied on the website by using the code 'First@Southfield' when booking.

We hope to see you soon.

The barley harvest will most likely be in late August or early September

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